Welcome to the Future of Advanced Lighting

Luminosity Africa

The future of advanced lighting

Luminosity Africa is an innovative company specializing in the lighting industry of Africa. Over the past few years, Luminosity Africa has been focussed on LED Lighting and consistently evolving in branding solutions, sales channels and product innovation to keep up with the ever-changing LED lighting industry.
From 2014, Luminosity Africa has invested funds, key human resources and marketing channels, to build a new business platform of marketing, R&D and supplying of smart lighting products. As locally based company, we provide world class support and products to suite the current market.
At present, Luminosity Africa has multiple ranges of lighting products, including LED Street Lights, LED Panels, LED Industrial Lights, LED Flood Lights and LED Lighting Modules. Through constant innovation Luminosity Africa is striving to become the most influential smart lighting company on the continent.

We adhere to set core values of focus, integrity and cooperation to achieve our mission of offering the market innovative, smart lighting to create a better, brighter future for all.

Mission. Vision. Core Values

Luminosity Africa aims to be the preferred value added LED Lighting provider, known for its high quality advance innovative solution.

We are committed to delivering the most innovative effective lighting solutions with world class products and service

Servant Leadership, Ethical, Innovative, Collaborative, Financially Responsible, Accountable